Wills Bisgrove

Wills Bisgrove is a manufacturer of individually crafted, fine, upholstered furniture. For over 80 years Wills Bisgrove has produced high quality and exquisitely designed furniture pieces, including Sofas, Lounge Suites, Chairs, Ottomans, and Bedheads.

The Wills Bisgrove range of furniture offers a fabulous palate to Interior Designers and Decorators providing them with exciting and interesting pieces. Designers can select their favourite design from the breathtaking range, then choose fabrics that complement their interior design concepts. There is also an option to modify the furniture design to suit individual projects.

Each Wills Bisgrove piece is a unique, one-off design, created and manufactured utilising traditional artisan based methods, which have been passed down through generations of the Wills family. Rigid standards of quality are followed and a connection with the craftsmanship and artisanship of earlier times is still rigorously maintained.

Wills Bisgrove specialise in traditional Sofas, Dining Chairs, Ottomans and Bedheads as well as custom designed and crafted modular furniture. Intricate and selective detail is a hallmark of their designs, as would be expected from Master Craftsmen in upholstery production. Classic designs have also been adapted to more contemporary themes, taking the very best of the past and adapting it to suit today's modern contemporary design and lifestyle requirements.

Wills Bisgrove works with Designers and Decorators to achieve their vision and produce beautiful finished products that inhabit interiors, enhancing their overall design elements. Leading Designers and Decorators know and trust the Wills Bisgrove seal of quality, excellence and craftsmanship.