About Us

Original Wills Furniture Workshop

Wills Furniture offers the latest in innovation yet maintains the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship in creating its unique range of furniture. All furniture is handcrafted from the finest kiln dried Australian Hardwood timbers. Framing is generally F7 Victorian Ash, hand-picked and of the highest grade. All corners are 'blocked'. Traditional upholstery methods including Jute webbing and steel hourglass coil springs ensure a perfect finish and sumptuous, comfortable seating.

Wills Furniture is entirely produced by Australian artisans and craftsmen. Manager, John Sharkey, has worked within the business now for over 30 years, interacting with Interior Designers and Decorators on a daily basis. John Sharkey, representing Wills Furniture, is in constant contact with Fabric Manufacturers, staying ahead of the trends and developing new directions. He predominantly works with companies such as Domestic Textiles, Warwick Fabrics and Tigger Hall Design as well as numerous other key manufacturers of fabrics.

Paul Newham, son of the original upholsterers from the Newham family, still provides advice and direction within the Wills Factory on tooling, methodology and staff training. His input is greatly valued as it maintains a connection with the precise craftsmanship and artisanship of earlier times. The Newham family have been involved with Wills Furniture for over 50 years. He has instilled rigid quality standards that have come to represent the Wills Furniture gold stamp of excellence. Seamstresses, upholsterers and machinists all ensure precise planning and fabric preparation.

Original Wills Furniture Factory

The Factory, located at 6 Guest Street, Hawthorn, is operational and clients are welcome to visit and view its operations.

Designers and Decorators select fabrics, colours and the style that complements the overall interior design of their project. The Wills Furniture team then take the Wills’ classical designs and bring them to life with the fabrics, colours and designs selected.

Classic furniture designs, developed over 50 years, are available in a range of traditional styles. For example, sofa styles

  • Adelaide
  • Georgian
  • Macquarie
  • Deakin

But real innovation and creativity sees constant additions to the Wills Furniture range. With major input over many years from successful (and well known) Interior Designers, a constant evolution of the Wills Furniture range has been ensured to include the very best in upholstery and design.